Delock Kabel, USB 2.0, USB-A (M) na micro USB-B (M), EASY USB, 3m

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Opis , This cable by Delock with EASY-USB male can be plugged into the USB A female port in both directions. Thus the male port can be used both-sided and make the plug in easily. , , Tehnički podaci , Connector: USB 2.0 type A reversible male >USB 2.0 type micro-B male, USB-A male port usable in both directions, Cable gauge: 28 AWG data line and 24 AWG power line, Gold-plated contact, Colour: black, Length incl. connector: ca. 3 m , , Preduvjeti sustava , PC or notebook with one free USB type A port, Device with USB type micro-B port