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MikroTik 8 Gigabit Port Ethernet Router 1Xsfp, 1Xsfp With Passive Cooling

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MikroTik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S PC, (10)Port 9-core Ethernet SFP Router in a Desktop passive cooling enclosure. Unit is equipped with two heat-pipes and a specially designed heat-sink, so its completely silent.(8)1000 Mbps Gigabit RJ45 ports (1)1.25Gigabit SFP Cage (1)10Gigabit SFP Cage (1)microUSB port (1)SmartCard slot (1)MicroSD Slot (1)DB9 RS232 serial port. (RJ45 Ports 1-4 can be configured as a group for Switch mode) Tilera TILE-Gx8009 CPU (9-cores 1.2Ghz per core), 2GB DDR3 800MHz Ram, 128MB Onboard NAND, Dual power supplies built in for redundancy, Max Power consumption 35W, Power option PoE in on Ether8, 12-58V, 802.3af at compliant), MikroTik RouterOS Level 6 License, Includes Router in a desktop case with LCD, 2x IEC power cables, USB cables. Switch Dimension 272x190x47mm, SFP modules sold seperate, Optional: 1.25G Modules S-85DLC05D, S-31DLC20D, SFP Copper Module S-RJ01, 10G modules: S 85DLC03D, S 31DLC10D SFP port supports only modules up to 10KM long. Direct Attach Cables: S DA0001, S DA0003