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Zagreb Revisited, Milčec, Zvonimir

250,00 kn

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Godina izdanja 2008
Autor Milčec, Zvonimir
Broj stranica 240
Uvez Meki uvez

Opis proizvoda

Who could tell us something new about the city of Zagreb other than Zvonimir Milčec, one of the most famous of Zagrebers and the most »Zagreb« author amongst writers?! He writes about his native city, that is, about what is left of it in his memories and recollections, and about the reality found in our close proximity.

“Zagreb Revisited“ is a mix of documented truth and make belief, fact and fiction, where legends and material traces of Zagreb culture are portrayed in the easy and leisure mannerism of a cultural guide that has the qualities of a literary essay. In this tale of the city of Zagreb, author and journalist Zvonimir Milčec more often than not tells us the story of how the city breathes. His characters and »hidden places« often catch our interest more than the city's history itself. Milčec's text contains an optimal share of foundational knowledge of the city of Zagreb that no other book on the subject would overlook or ignore.

“Zagreb Revisited“ is a book written by an author who did not hesitate to write about city themes that may be considered large or small, or to put together his dreams and reality, ups and downs, and the forces that cause the past to collide with the present all in one place. And above all – to reveal to his fellow citizens or random visitors just how important the city of Zagreb is within this part of Europe. Milčec does this through nonconformational and nonconventional hierarchization, as opposed to through mere depiction.