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The Death of the Little Match Girl, Ferić, Zoran

99,00 kn

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Godina izdanja 2012
Autor Ferić, Zoran
Broj stranica 196
Uvez Meki uvez

Opis proizvoda

“I wrote a Mediterranean Twin Peaks in which transvestites get killed, corpses get stolen, sawn in half and left to dry in the Bura, in which devils are exorcised, people communicate with spirits and all of it is spiced up with sex and humor.“Zoran Ferić

“Ferić is a brilliant analyst of stupidity, madness, malice and rudeness. His exposing stories hit exactly where it hurts and where all laughter gets frozen.“ Die Woche“Ferić’s fiction is as perfidious, as poisonous and as pretty as a snake.“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Death of the Little Match Girl, Zoran Ferić’s first novel, is a hilarious dark-humored tale in which a story of the local prostitute’s murder and an attempt to discover her murderer makes just a framework for a parade of local fools and dimwits, but here even those who at first sight seem “perfectly normal“ get tangled in a series of bizarre and unexpected events. Still, regardless of how »unhinged« this novel may be, its little island universe is a true copy of the grotesque Croatian reality in the past fifteen years or so.