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Modecom Tipkovnica MC-GK1 Volcano Gaming, USB - Crna

89,00 kn

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Jamstvo 24 mj

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MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GK1 Multimedia Gaming Keyboard was designed with passionate gamers in mind, but the style used in its design may appeal not only to gamers. Thanks to its unique design with red details it will perfectly match the true passionate environment., At the first glance, you can see the red keys that are used for controlling your virtual characters in most games. By making these keys in different color you can immediately see where to place your fingers to achieve best result in the game. Most of your system’s multimedia features can be easily controlled with the use of special hotkeys that are accessible with the use of Fn key. Moreover, gamers should be pleased with the fact that the “Win” key can be easily deactivated. , , Dimensions: 458.5×190×30mm, Number of keys: 104, Interface: USB, USB cable length: 180 cm, Power: USB 5V@50mA