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Modecom Čitač memorijskih kartica CR-LEVEL 3, USB 3.0

139,00 kn

MultiPlusCard bodovi   23


Memorijski uređaji
Jamstvo 24 mj

Opis proizvoda

-USB3.0 Super high speed protocol supported, with upstream port data transfer rate up to, 5GB/S, downward compatible with USB2.0, USB1.1., , System required:, -Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISTA, WIN7, MAC10.X or above, Linux2.4.X., no drive installation required, and USB ready boost., , SLOTS :, , SLOT1: CF4.0(CF-UDMA), CF extreme IV, CF ultra DMA, SLOT2: MS/MS-PRO/MS-DUO/MS-HG/MS-PRO-DUO/MS-MAGIC-GATE/HS-MS., Etc all MS category cards., SLOT3: SDXC, SDHC, SD-PRO, MINI-SD/ ULTR-SD, RS-MMC, MMC4.0,, RS-MMC4.0,, SLOT4: XD M&H type, SLOT5: MICRO-SDHC, MICRO-SD, TF., SLOT6: MS-MICRO, M2., , Micro-SD & M2 cannot work same time, , The USB3.0 card reader, running at super high speed, must at the terms of:, 1. USB3.0 host PC, 2. ultra-high speed flash cards, must faster than 30MB/s, SDHC ExtremePro 30MB/s flash card, Ultra-high-speed, CF ExtremePro UDMA6 60MB/s (90MB/s, 30MB/s) card, , MODECOM assumes no any responsibility of data losing because of the improper use of the card reader and flash card wrong insertion, or fake flash cards. users at his own risk of the mis-handling of the flash cards.