Delock Kabel za Apple dock, 30 pin (M) na 30 pin (Ž), produžni

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Description, This adapter by Delock is compatible to IPhone and IPad and can be used as extension for the 30 pin interface. If you keep your IPad e.g. in a protection case, which has only a small cut out for the 30 pin port, you can connect this adapter for extending the 30 pin interface. Thus you can connect your accessory without any problem. Furthermore this adapter can be used as port protector in order to prevent the interface from damage when it is under usage for high contact durability., , Specification, Compatible to IPhone and IPad, Connector: 30 pin male >female, Supports audio- and video signals, Pin assignment on male and female side identical (fully wired), Dimension: ca. 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.8 cm incl. connector (LxBxW), Colour: white, , System requirements, A free 30 pin interface, , Package content, Adapter, , Package, Poly bag