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Delock Kabel, USB 2.0, USB-A (M) na micro USB-B (M), LED indikator, 1m

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This Delock USB data- and power cable can be connected to the standard USB port. Thus you can quickly and easily charge your mobile phone with a micro USB interface and also transfer data. During the charging process the LED lights up in red. As soon as your device is fully charged, the LED turns into blue., , Specification, Connector: USB 2.0 type A male >Micro USB 2.0 type B male, LED indicator: , 1. Lights up red: rechargeable battery will be charged, 2. Lights up blue: rechargeable battery charged, Cable gauge: 28 AWG, Cable length: ca. 1 m (incl. connector), Colour: white, , System requirements, A free USB port