Delock Kabel, USB 2.0, USB-A (M) na USB mini-B 5-pin (M), 3m

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Description, This USB 2.0 cable by Delock stands out due to its angled USB mini-B connector and is suitable for different devices with mini USB interface, especially for cameras. Photographers use this angled cable solution, e.g. in a photo studio to link their camera to a PC or notebook. The angled connector provides a stable hold inside the mini USB female port and a more comfortable working. The higher cable gauge for power line and the twisted data lines ensures a safe connection between your devices and computer., , Specification, Suitable e.g. for digital camera, mobile HDD etc., Connection: USB 2.0–A male, USB mini-B 5pin male angled, AWG 28 data line / AWG 24 power line, Nickel-plated, Cable length: ca. 3m , , System requirement, A free USB-A and USB mini port, , Package content, USB cable, , Package, Delock Poly bag