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Delock Kabel, HDMI (M) na HDMI (Ž), High Speed sa Ethernet, produžni, 3.0m

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Opis , This High Speed HDMI with Ethernet extension cable by Delock complies with the latest HDMI standard and combines fast data transfer as well as audio-/ video- and Ethernet connection. The cable extends your HDMI interface and can be used for connection of devices e.g. PC or o DVD / Blu-ray drive to a monitor or TV. The HDMI-A interface is downwards compatible to its forerunners and enables you to use your existing devices. , , Tehnički podaci , Connector:, High Speed HDMI-A 19 pin male >, High Speed HDMI-A 19 pin female, High Speed HDMI with Ethernet (HEC) specification, Cable gauge: 28 AWG, Gold-plated connector, Transfer of audio- and video signals, Data transfer rate up to 10.2 Gb/s, Supports a resolution up to 4096 x 2160 pixel (4K), 3D support up to 1080p in two video streams with each 60 picture, per second, Up to 120 Hz refresh rate, Contains the new Audio Return Channel (ARC), Uses new advanced colour space for presentation of digital photos, Supports Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™, More lively and natural colours, Cable length: ca. 3 m , , Preduvjeti sustava , A free HDMI interface , , Sadržaj pakiranja , HDMI extension cable , , Pakiranje , Poly bag