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Canyon CNS-MFICAB01B Ultra-compact MFI Cable

MultiPlusCard bodovi:   5
Tečaj | 7,53450 HRK = 1,00 EUR
ID A00047C
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Kratki info
  • Certificiran od tvrtke Apple

Detaljan opis


CANYON CNS-MFICAB01B Ultra-compact MFI Cable, certified by Apple, 1M length , 2.8mm , black color,

Ultra-compact MFI Cable (black)

Charge and sync all your lightning connector devices quickly and safely, using just one cable. Simply plug the USB switch into any USB port and stay connected wherever you are - at home, at work, or on the road. The cable has an optimal length (one meter) that will comfortably accommodate the connected device, as well as save you from annoying wires tangle.

&bull, ,Certification MFI
&bull, ,Ultra-compact
&bull, ,1m cable length
&bull, ,Easily connect to laptop USB port or USB charger
&bull, ,Syncs music and pictures to/from your laptop in seconds
&bull, ,Reliable design

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