Delock Bracket interni USB 3.0-A (M) na USB 3.0-B (Ž)

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Description, This USB 3.0 slot bracket by Delock can be installed into a standard PC slot and will be connected to a free USB 3.0-A port. It expands your system by one external USB 3.0-B port and enables the connection of different USB devices., , Specification, Connector:, internal USB 3.0-A male , external 1 x USB 3.0-B female port, Cable gauge:, AWG 24 power, AWG 30 data, Data transfer rate up to: , SuperSpeed 5 Gb/s,, Hi-Speed 480 Mb/s,, Full-Speed 12 Mb/s,, Low-Speed 1.5 Mb/s, Cable length: ca. 30 cm, , , System requirements, PC with a free PC slot, System with a free USB 3.0-A port, , Package content, Slot bracket USB 3.0, , Package, Poly bag,