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Icy Box Adapter micro USB (M) na USB 3.0 (M), za Android Smartphone/Tablet na PC

103,00 kn

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Opis proizvoda

Provides the possibility to control an Android mobile device via PC using keyboard and mouse., , Many people use a smartphone as their mobile office when on one's way., , Typing long texts and navigating in documents is unhandy in the long run, however. With the ICY BOX AC511 adapter every device running an Android operating system can conveniently be duplicated to a PC or laptop and can even be operated by that! Easy typing, exchange of files and using the clipboard - no issues whatsoever., , Even the laptop's touch screen can be utilized and the smartphone's or tablet's battery is charged at the same time when connected to USB by the IB-AC511 cable., , Smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 or later and a microUSB interface are supported. You also need a PC running on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and providing a USB 2.0 oder USB 3.0 interface., , Access Android smartphone/tablet via, PC with mouse, keyboard and screen, Mirror the Android screen on the, bigger PC screen, Easy text input via PC keyboard, File sharing by drag & drop between, PC & smartphone, Exchange text via copy & past, between PC & smartphone, Sending messages from your, smartphone/tablet via your computer, Charge function via the USB port, Touch screen PC supported