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Scythe Adapter Micro USB Compact Cable Strap, USB A (M) na MicroUSB-B (M), u obliku privjeska za ključeve

20,00 kn

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Opis proizvoda

Model number · JAN, MUCCS01 JAN: 4571225053134, , Body size, 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.9cm (at the time of storing), Enabled connections, USB2.0, Connector, USB A (male)-USB Micro-B (male), Cable length, 5.5cm, Weight, 5g, , Package Size, 86 (W) × 166 (H) × 13 (D) mm, Package weight, 20g , , , Product features -, , Retractable small highly compact Micro USB cable, For Murphy, it does not care even if I put it in a pocket., There is no exposure of the terminal at the time of the storing., , The support both to charge and data transfer, If connected to the USB port of your PC, tablet or smartphone, Data transfer and charging is possible., , Micro USB connector Long, The adoption of 7mm length easy to insert the included Micro USB connector long., Even when fitted with a case or cover, I can be inserted easily., , Attachable to the strap hole, You can be attached to the strap hole of the mobile device., The forgotten, not found such as when you want to use emergency, We do not have to worry about., , Environment-friendly products RoHS compliant