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Ubiquiti Networks 5Ghz Variable Beam Base Station Sector Antena

2.225,00 kn

MultiPlusCard bodovi   370


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Opis proizvoda

Ubiquiti Networks AM-V5G-Ti, Titanium AirMax 5GHz Variable Beam Sector Antena for a Base Station. Polarization Dual Linear Adjustable between 60 , 90 ,120 . Gain is 19dBi at 120 , 20dBi at 90 , and 21dBi at 60 . VSWR 1.5:1. 2x RP-SMA connectors, Housing is made of advanced RF Isolation Titanium Metal which is highly resistant to noise interference in co-location deployments. Wind Survivability 200km h. Dimension 721x149x76. The Titanium Sector has an integrated Rocket mount kit, that allows you to mount the Rocket without the use of any tools. Includes Universal Pole Mount, Rocket Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included