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Icy Box Eksterno kućište IB-RD3662U3S 2x 3.5 SATA RAID RAID eSATA JBOD

799,00 kn

MultiPlusCard bodovi   133


Jamstvo 12 mj

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Two hard disks in the form factor 3.5 fit into this RAID enclosure. Available RAID modes are single, RAID 0, 1 and BIG (Spanning). So that this candidate is beautifully versatile and is prepared for any situation., , Thanks to the On/Off switch, the IB-RD3662 is a true energy saver. What is likewise well controlled, are rapid data transfer, either via USB 3.0 or an eSATA connection. If desired, the hard disks are very easy to replace thanks to HotSwap and plug & play., , The front and rear of this enclosure is made of the versatile material aluminum, which we use for our coolers often as well. It produces a soft heat transfer and makes the enclosure also extremely light. Since raiding is very heavy on the HDDs a lot of heat is produces. the aluminium build of the enclosure is assisted by a cooling fa, , Aluminium RAID enclosure for 2x 3.5 HDD, RAID function: JBOD (Single), RAID 0, 1, BIG (combine), HDD capacity unlimited, PC & Mac compatible, Transfer rates: USB 3.0 up to 5 Gbit/s, eSATA up to 3 Gbit/s, AC power adapter: AC 100~240V, DC 12V 3A, EasySwap – toolless HDD mounting, With 6cm cooling fan