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AMD CPU Trinity A4-Series X2 5300 - 3.40 GHz

259,00 kn

MultiPlusCard bodovi   43


Socket FM2
Takt procesora 3,4 GHz
L2 cache 1 MB
Jezgra Trinity
Jamstvo 24 mj

Opis proizvoda

AMD CPU Trinity A4-Series X2 5300 (3.40GHz,1MB,65W,FM2) box, Radeon TM HD 7480D, AMD is the customer-centric innovation company, a processing powerhouse that offers smarter choices for its customers and makes technology more accessible to the world. AMD is focused on best meeting the needs of leading computing, wireless and consumer electronics companies to help them deliver high-performance, energy-efficient and visually realistic solutions. Relevant Innovations, Extraordinary Experiences, Meaningful Differences.