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Shape Of Thought - How Mental Adaptations Evolve, H. Clark Barrett

150,00 kn

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Godina izdanja 2015
Autor H. Clark Barrett
Broj stranica 398
Uvez Meki uvez
Naziv knjige Shape Of Thought - How Mental Adaptations Evolve
Biblioteka Oxford University Press

Opis proizvoda

Discusses “Evolutionary psychology 2.0“ - a novel synthesis of the field that pushes evolutionary psychology beyond its early, controversial beginnings.
Confronts the controversies over the scientific status of evolutionary psychology, proposing a resolution via a focus on the evolved design of developmental systems.
Proposes that adaptive specialization and flexibility are not at odds, but synergistic.
Bridges the nature/nurture divide.

Provides the first in-depth integration of evolutionary theory, evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), epigenetics, culture-gene coevolution theory, and cognitive science
Proposes a novel framework for understanding cultural transmission and evolved psychological mechanisms as co-evolving and synergistic
Shows how a view of brain development as highly plastic and flexible can be reconciled with a “modular“ view of the brain