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  • 176 stranica
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Once again Kevyn Aucoin astonishes with his incredible transformations of famous and ordinary people alike. In this new book, he demonstrates how anyone can have a variety of different faces. Working with a whole new cast of famous faces, he turns Celine Dion, Julianne Moore, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon and many others into their most beautiful, glamorous, and intriguing selves. For each and every face, he provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations that will make them easy to reproduce at home. With this gorgeous and practical book, anyone can face forward to the new millennium with confidence and style.

  • Making Faces has sold 350,000 copies in hardcover and 83,000 copies in paperback.
  • Kevyn Aucoin is indisputably the best-known makeup artist today. He writes a monthly column for Allure and is the make-up consultant at
  • Just like Making Faces, Face Forward will be a gorgeously produced book with jaw-dropping photographs by Kevyn Aucoin himself.
Godina izdanja 2001
Autor Kevyn Aucoin
Broj stranica 176
Uvez Meki uvez
Naziv knjige Face Forward
Biblioteka Little, Brown